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If you’re sick and tired in this rough end of 2013, turn off your laptop, take your suitcase and hop into the first plane flying to some faraway land where the sun went into exile a few months ago. Or, if for some reason you can’t do that, here’s a little playlist which will hopefully cheer you up. If you’re still feeling down, well… I guess your case is helpless and you might just have to wait until Christmas comes and saves you.

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“I have spent a delightful summer, as always, in the perfect and dreamy town of Cadaqués. There, alongside the Latin sea, I have been quenched by light and colour”… I could’ve said that myself, but Dali said it first. Oh well…

Take a walk in the sinuous white streets of this Spanish village, breath the gentle air coming from the sea; dive into the glimmering water and let your skin dry under the sunshine. When night comes, you discover a whole other side of the village; look up at the sky and you’re able to see what you’re deprived of when living in a big city: the stars enlightening the night, and you will fill a wind of peace flowing through your hair. If you happen to stay up all night, you get to watch the sun rise on the small harbor, and when you start seeing the first early risers, you know and it’s finally time to go to sleep.

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Best of French Toast

My friend Tom’s playlist, have a listen, it’s lovely

Delicious Music

Today I’m keeping it low key and am going to point the spotlight to the great French Toast. It’s a great blog that showcases the best disco/house tunes from around the world. With a crew spanning from Mexico to Arizona and Argentina, they really are on the pulse for the scene. So, as I’ve been a frequent visitor for some time (and it’s alot of fun) below is a playlist of some of the best tracks I’ve found through the blog. Lots of the tracks are able to be downloaded for free on Soundcloud or able to buy pretty easily. Enjoy!

Tonight I’ll be going to see Editors play live at Brixton Academy, so keep your eyes peeled for a review at some point tomorrow with some photos and videos.

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Which music platform do you use the most?

Sunny Sunday

Here’s a really nice playlist, and while you’re out there, take a moment to read some posts of this wonderful blog, full of tips to make your everyday life a bit more exciting!

do it my way

today there is not much to say. its freezing outside but hey, there is sun and NO rain! and let me tell you, this a BIG deal for all Londoners!

that is why just appreciate the weather and go out…or simply stay at home and relax. its your last day before busy week. no rush, just take a deep breath and enjoy the soundtrack i have created especially for such days as this one.


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